Adream De Valdivia

"I make beauty that inspires"

I make art to inspire others to be more creative.

Beautiful Things

Adream de Valdivia, the artist known as Dream, famously got his start doing live street painting in Seattle, L.A., and now and the new Downtown Seattle South Lake Union public art mural sponsored by Paul Allen, Vulcan. Adream tagged trains and billboards and, after studying at London's Chelsea School of Art and Design, made stealth interventions to his known style and psychedelic paint strokes on canvas.

You can find his public art murals just about everywhere in Washington. His work has always been alive with organic patterns, playful use of geometry, and decidedly urban even as he has transformed such iconic figures like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain into collectible fine art. Ever the populist, he’s always worked in many modes at once—from Chris Brown's moonwalk painting to a portrait for Kendrick Lamar.

Increasingly, though, he’s turned to making (monumental paintings) that riff on his own stylized pixelated paintings. His most recent well-known paintings are inspired by Sci-fi movies and pop-culture, a kind of geometrical cubism, with dazzling patterns, bright colors, and an air of dreaminess.

Last summer, his new 50-foot mural, "Family Tapestry", depicting Seattle's cultural diversity graced the heart of Seattle South Lake Union with beautiful colors, was given pride of place outside the The 'Y' Cascade People's Center by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. This public mural sponsored by Vulcan began to unfold many of Adream's talents for art and design. Viewers and art collectors are amazed to see Adream's psychedelic paint strokes across Washington State simultaneously flying around the globe painting more passionate public murals.

I have been deeply interested in math equations, geometry, and magnified organic patterns found in nature.
— Adream de Valdivia

Style & Quality

My newest art work was my brainchild during class at Chelsea School of Art and Design, London UK. Ben Freeman was teaching me how viewers look at art, magazine design, and it was an extension of my thought process during the final project of my bachelor years in Seattle WA. I have been deeply interested in math equations, geometry, and magnified organic patterns found in nature.

The “A Portrait of Albert Einstein” series carries a significant aspect from this childhood hobby ― text transcription, and physic's can become a form of muscle memory, or even become unconscious actions in art making. Painting is practiced through a customary of apprentices copying master’s works.  Mastering the painting practice ― Masters Craftsmen believe that you can only master the technique and understand the idea behind by copying the classics, and then you can push the idea further by introducing new interpretations and possibilities. My work is a result of such practice.


100% Handmade

Everything at Adream Studios is Handmade.

  1. Raw Canvas or Belgium Linen offers a buttery soft surface to paint on.
  2. GOLDEN paint and pigments offer bright colors and dazzling tones.
  3. Many of his colors are custom made before application.

Watch Live Painting Process on Instagram: @Adream3000